# Migrations

In this document, we are going to create a migration file to have a working API example.

# Install Knex CLI

Axe API uses Knex.js (opens new window) as the schema builder (opens new window).

To execute the migrations, first you need to install the Knex CLI in your development environment;

$ npm install -g knex

To test knex CLI is accessible, you can use the following command;

$ knex --version

Knex CLI version: 0.95.5
Knex Local version: 0.95.5

# Create Migration

To create a new migration file in it, you should use the following command;

$ knex --esm migrate:make User

Using environment: development
Created Migration: ./migrations/20210515162821_User.js

The file name will be different in your machine.

If you look the detail of the file (migrations/20210515162821_User.js), you will see the following code;

exports.up = function(knex) {};

exports.down = function(knex) {};

Unfortunately, the CLI created the migration file for CommonJS. We should change it with ESM manually. Please change the migration file content like the following example;

export const up = function(knex) {
  return knex.schema.createTable("users", function(table) {

export const down = function(knex) {
  return knex.schema.dropTable("users");

In here, we create a simple users table with two columns; name and surname.

# Migrate All

To execute this migration file, you should execute the following command;

$ knex --esm migrate:latest

Using environment: development
Batch 1 run: 1 migrations

Yay! You created the first database table.